Rules and Regulations

  • Politeness courtesy, proper conduct, neat dress and personal hygiene are expected from every pupil.

  • All the student must come to school wearing the school uniform without which they are liable to be refused admission to the class.

  • No child suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will be permitted to attend the school.

  • Irregular attendance , habitual misbehavior, insubordination to teacher, any kind of cheating or serious misconduct, even outside the school premises are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a child.

  • Scribbling on the books, furniture, walls etc. is absolutely forbidden. It is highly prejudicial to the good tone of the school. Any student who has damaged the desk, tables etc. must pay for their repairs.

  • All sweaters, bags, tiffin boxes must have the child’s name on it.

  • Permission of the office people is required:

    To leave the school premises during the school hours.

    To bring books, periodicals, comics, newspapers etc. into the school premises.

    To arrange for the party, picnic or meeting.